Why IT Projects Fail

I’m amazed that more than half of all IT projects are still failing. Here are some of the common reasons I’ve seen that cause IT projects to fail:

  • Poor Requirements & Underestimation
  • Lack of Leadership & Governance
  • Inadequate Project Planning & Risk Management
  • Engagement, Teamwork & Communications Failures
  • Weak QA Function

I believe that “No IT project should fail”.  For 12 years CTE has maintained a 100% success rate when we lead and manage the QA efforts on our client’s IT projects.  We do this by using our QAConnect™ SMARTER Methodology, which provides an adaptive and collaborative approach to QA management.  What we provide is the optimal level of QA Governance and QA Leadership to mitigate the challenges listed above. Let us help you be more successful on your IT initiatives.

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