Q&A with a CTE Automation Engineer

Why is mobile testing so important?

We recently sat down with one of CTE’s Automation Engineers, Guru Shetty, to talk about the importance of mobile testing, the work he’s done recently, and the future of testing.

Tell me about the work you’ve been doing for Hulu recently.

It’s been an exciting month working on the Hulu site and mobile applications. I’ve been involved in the stand up meetings and working with different teams to gather product knowledge and have ramped up quickly. I have also been using a test automation tool to build a POC (proof of concept) on different platforms and investigating the ability to integrate with in house CI and source control tools.

What is mobile testing to you and why is it significant today?

Mobile testing constitutes testing of mobile native apps and mobile browser apps on different platforms like Symbian, Windows, iOS and Android. In today’s world most of the organizations and individuals are building mobile software in the form of native mobile applications and mobile browser applications. The use of mobile applications continue to increase as mobile devices continue to become more and more popular. Customers are expecting flawless mobile applications and to provide that I believe a sound mobile testing strategy has to be in place.

What kind of challenges does mobile testing present? Can you tell me about some specific software testing challenges you’ve faced, and how you overcame them?

There are different kinds of challenges provided by mobile testing for example: issues related to products, environment challenges, testing tool limitations, etc. With some of our clients one of the challenges is application instrumentation with their automation tool, the work around is to manually instrument the application by injecting library files in the application. I enjoy figuring out how to overcome the challenges that arise when testing.

What do you think the future of testing will look like?

The future of testing depends on the future of development and the technology used for developing the application. Testers are involved in the early stages of development and are steering the Agile process by providing timely feedback for successful releases. We are moving towards a more collaborative working environment where communication and knowledge of technology is the key to finding the root cause of issues rather than the symptoms. To manage the bandwidth of QA and also to do faster shipping of products organizations will be forced to implement test automation. Test automation will be growing beyond platforms like desktop, web and mobile to ps4, xbox and TV consoles.


About the Author

Guru Shetty has 8 yearsʼ experience with automation and manual testing for web-based applications, client/server applications and web services. Industry knowledge in compliance, medical, health insurance, restaurant, finance, and banking.

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