Why Budgeting QA from the Start is Important – Part 1

When a company starts to plan for a new software application they have to determine what the problem is they want to address and how to go about the solution. There are many factors that have to be considered when planning for the development and the life cycle of the application-time to develop, resources needed and the budget allotted for the development. One common mistake made during this process is implementing QA after development has begun. This can prove to be a very costly mistake.


QA needs to be involved from the very beginning of the planning because when coding starts and bugs are missed by development they become more embedded in the code. The more time that developers have to go back and fix missed bugs the less time they are spending developing. This can result in code having to be completely rewritten and is ineffective for QA Automation testing. If QA Automation is implemented at a later date, then the framework has to be built after the development has started. This will delay the time that the automation engineers can actually begin the core functional testing as well as regression testing. Ultimately forcing the manual tester to perform the functional and regression testing.

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Joseph Catron is a Ranorex Certified Quality Assurance Automation Engineer with over 5 yearsʼ experience working on multiple projects. Knowledgeable with extensive experience spanning the following verticals: Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Communications, Financial as well as Software.

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