Why Budgeting QA from the Start is Important – Part 2

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Exactly how much should you budget for software quality testing in your project? The rough answer is 35% of the software project budgeting should go to QA from the beginning. Anything less than 35% will increase your risk of project failure. Though it might seem like a large number at first, the amount of time spent going through reworking and fixing bugs has to be taken into consideration. Rework will skyrocket the overage for the budget on average 75% because of the time spent fixing problems that would have been caught if QA was involved from the beginning.

If development and QA is not standardized, more time will be spent developing around multiple nuances that exist between Operating Systems and/or browsers. When development begins it needs to be determined which Operating System(s), Browser(s) and versions are going to be used. From there a standard can be set.  The same problem can exist if development and QA are using different versions of browsers, for example, development was done in IE9 and QA testing was done in IE11 there were many compatibility changes that have taken place that might have code work in one and not in the other. The same could even be said if it is a mobile application where the application was coded for Android Lollipop and the testing was done in Android Jelly bean.

Proper planning and budgeting will ultimately determine the success of your project.

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Joseph Catron is a Ranorex Certified Quality Assurance Automation Engineer with over 5 yearsʼ experience working on multiple projects. Knowledgeable with extensive experience spanning the following verticals: Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Communications, Financial as well as Software.

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