They said it couldn’t be done

Have you read the poem by Edgar Albert Guest titled “It Couldn’t Be Done?” I love this poem. When I read it I change it to a woman’s voice and say she instead of he. It starts with, “Somebody said that it couldn’t be done / But [s]he with a chuckle replied / That “maybe it couldn’t,” but [s]he would be one / Who wouldn’t say so till [s]he’d tried.” How great is that!

As an entrepreneur people tell you things can’t be done all the time. That’s not so great! But, thankfully you have the folks in your corner that know you and know that it can be done if you don’t give up and you don’t let worry or doubt take you down. Just “buckle right in with a trace of a grin” and tackle that thing that cannot be done and you will do it.

Having a track record of managing and leading software testing projects for the last 11+ years and going live with zero major or critical defects seems like something that couldn’t be done. But it can be done and we did it. I am so proud of the team that we have built at CTE. We have overcome all the obstacles that being a bootstrapped startup can throw at you and we are still thriving. How cool is it that we have had awesome major clients like Aaron’s, Kauffman Tire, Hulu, The Weather company, Crawford and Company and more? And just as cool we have helped start-up entrepreneurial companies like ourselves to improve their testing practices so they can scale and grow.

It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology and to have a true focus on Software Testing. “There are thousands to tell you in cannot be done / there are thousands to prophesy failure,” but here we are and here we shall stay helping more and more clients every day. Thanks to everyone who has been on our side and lent a hand in helping us to continue to do what can be done. We are tackling that thing that couldn’t be done and we are super excited to shout that we are doing it!

Kelly KieransAbout the Author

Kelly Kierans has provided sales and marketing leadership to national companies for more than 12 years. Kelly serves as President of Celtic Testing Experts and is responsible for driving marketing initiatives, company culture, CTE’s aggressive business development, and operations expansions.