QA Strategy | What’s your plan to achieve continuous delivery?

We know IT organizations want to reach continuous delivery to save time and be as efficient as possible, 77% of developers say it’s essential, but sometimes teams try to implement continuous delivery too quickly. Becoming more continuous is a gradual process. Here are some ways to prepare the best strategy to achieve effective continuous delivery.

continuous delivery pipeline

What’s your goal for continuous delivery?

The first step in creating a strategy for CD is to identify and communicate a goal to your team. Some goals of CD are obvious (reduce the risk of shipping broken code, shorten production cycles, etc.), but what do you want your specific project/team to achieve? Do you want to make the best use of your small team’s time, increase flexibility in delivering features? We work with an e-commerce team who want to shorten the feedback loop so they could deliver features to their customers faster. Once we understood their goal we were able to build a SMARTER continuous delivery pipeline by choosing the right tools and automating the right tests.

1 deployment per day to 8 deployments per day

Track your metrics

Once you have your CD goal and custom pipeline you need to track your results. Have you increased the number of deployments or decreased the number of critical defects? With our SMARTER strategy in place, our e-commerce client has gone from one deployment to eight deployments per day and they’ve had no rollbacks. The true benefit of this strategy is that the client is even closer to getting real-time feedback from their customers.

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