For 12 years, Celtic Testing Experts has provided software quality assurance, thought leadership and software testing services to a wide portfolio of global clients, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 Companies. CTE’s proven methodology, QAConnect, has a reputation of saving clients’ time, improving the bottom line and making QA processes 30 percent more efficient – all while maintaining a zero failure rate.  QAConnect is a component of CTE’s delivery framework and contains process, templates and techniques used to deliver our trusted services.

Developed by CTE’s experienced leaders, QAConnect is flexible enough to offer a customized solution to each client. We work side-by-side with our clients, bridging internal resources to develop and successfully implement cross-team solutions. Unlike other models, our methodology considers testing in each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), because we believe that testing early in the SDLC is critical to a project’s success. By detecting and resolving potential issues upfront, QAConnect reduces project risk, minimizes cost and saves project time.

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Automated Testing

Increase QA efficiency, reduce costs & improve the quality of your software.

Test automation is the use of automation tools/software to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual results with expected results.

Test automation continuously maintains and improves the quality and efficiency of software development.

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Mobile Testing

With mobile traffic now accounting for over half of all online traffic it is imperative to ensure your mobile websites and native applications are thoroughly tested. Our offering includes the ability to tailor a solution that fits your needs by using virtual machines and/or actual mobile devices using a variety of tools and technologies.

Continuous Integration

We implement QA automation into your Continuous Integration pipeline to give instant feedback so that if there is a defect in your product, it can be identified and corrected as soon as possible.

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Test Management

Our frameworks are tailored to fit the changing needs of your business—now and in the future – taking into account the heterogeneous information delivery methods of organizations today.

They offer the ease of flexibility resulting in powerful and collaborative solutions designed around your organization’s specific needs, and are designed to implement and promote Software QA best practices by building the right foundation utilizing manual, automation and mobile frameworks that increase productivity with all test cycles.

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Tool Box

Our consultants work with your existing Tools providing a seamless integration into your processes and teams.

With knowledge of the newest Tools and technologies, our consultants can recommend solutions that will decrease your time to market while increasing your return on investment.

CTE is a Ranorex Gold Partner

integration testing services

Integration Testing

Identify compatibility , integration and systems issues before your new software or IT project goes live. Integration testing can be implemented at the component and systems level.

Regression testing services

Regression Testing

Verify that the software of previously developed software and applications performs correctly.Detect new bugs, in the application after patches, configuration or enhancement changes. Ensures the user experience is unaffected by the changes and performing as expected.

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Manual Testing

Verify your software meets functional and non-functional requirements and is free from major and critical defects. Test Suites or cases are designed during the testing phase and should have 100% test coverage. Reported defects are fixed by developers and re-testing is performed on the fixed defects.

performance testing services

Performance Testing

Ensure your software runs efficiently and can handle the required number of concurrent users. Our performance testing includes stress testing, load testing and spike testing.