Q&A with a Consultant | Vets for Success Program

Tell me about the work you’ve been doing recently. What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve faced, and why?

For the past few months, I’ve been working on several things such as studying for the Ranorex automation certification test and creating a veterans hiring/training program for CTE. Being on the bench has given me an ample amount of time to better my craft and have a clearer mindset on what my goals are as a software engineer. Goals are always going to be challenging to complete but I must say creating the “Vets for Success” program has been the most interesting challenge for me. From Creating schedules for the program to building the perfect education resource tool has its up and downs. Creating the program made me put on multiple hats from an advisor, teacher to marketer. Something I’ve never done before but found the courage to act on it and see the bigger picture is what really helps me continue to move to the next level with the “vets for success” program.

What was the biggest success of your last project?

Working with Kauffman Tire for my 1st project as a CTE employee was a success in itself. During the project, we gained the trust and confidence from our client Kauffman tire on several occasions. We helped them create a better flow on the website for potential users, we found major bugs that could have led to functionality and visual issues in the future. When it was time to launch the site, it launched with zero defects/bugs reported and everyone loved how the site looked as well. The biggest success was being able to adapt on multiple occasions and ending our project on time and with zero major defects or complications.

What do you think the future of testing looks like?

Technology is evolving every day and as it evolves testing must also keep up better yet be a step ahead. I foresee in the next 5-10 years automation and software testers with developer skills will be in high demand. The number of automation programs being invented now is a good look into the future and the capabilities it has over manual testing. As the future nears I know for a fact testing will become a larger field and more interesting due to the diverse types of technology being created now. You could be testing software for a new intuitive banking app or testing software for a new Tesla autonomous vehicle. The future is extremely bright for testing and if you’re a part of this wonderful field get ready!