In January’s Newsletter we addressed the ‘ObamaCare’ Website, the maturity of processes and the inability of the system to handle the number of users at a time. The lack of Performance testing in all its forms was one of the main failure elements discussed.

This month we focus on the need for performance testing, what is performance testing, the types of performance testing and how Celtic Testing Experts can help you with your performance testing needs at a reasonable cost.

The Need For Performance Testing is simple

No matter how rich your application is functionally, if it fails to meet the performance expectations (SLA) of your customer, the application will be branded a failure.

What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is the process of exercising an application by emulating actual users. This can be used to monitor how the database, application code and hardware will act under load. Performance testing verifies that the application meets specified requirements under normal conditions.

Types of performance testing

Load testing – Number of users my application supports “N” user or not

Stress testing – Finding out the break point of an application;   Measuring the recovery time.

Endurance testing/ Soak testing- To find out if there are any leaks in the application (memory leak / connection leak/ CPU leak)

Spike testing – sudden rise and fall of the number of users and then see if the application supports that pattern.

Volume testing– the amount of work done in the unit time.

Benchmark testing – when the test is carried out in unit time.

Baseline testing – single user run, to figure out the best possible results and try to come as close as possible to these results with multi user tests.

Fail over testing – when you test the back-up system of production. If the primary server breaks down intentionally this will ensure that the load is sent to the back-up systems and are taken care of properly.

What applications can be performance tested?

Any application that can be accessed by multiple users and that interacts with the server by multiple users at the same time can be performance tested.

Celtic Testing Experts solution

Celtic Testing Experts (CTE) can provide you with a performance testing tool called StressTester.  StressTester allows you to simulate unlimited load and functionality at a reasonable cost and in a timescale that other tools we investigated did not match.  In addition to providing the tool CTE can coach and mentor your team on how to use the tool as well as provide our QA consulting experts.

Contact CTE at ktorpey@celtictestingexperts to learn more about how CTE uses our People; Process; and Tools to deliver “Zero Critical Defects” on our clients projects. 

Set up a meeting today to discuss your performance testing needs.




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