Drives simplification

Simple short test cases validate core functionality. Thus, QA will be able to reduce defects throughout the system under test. This is a lifeline.

Supports any software language

Supports Java, C#, Ruby, Python and C. This helps developers establish confidence in utilizing the framework across multiple platforms. It also brings developers closer to the end user.

Supports any design pattern 

It can be utilized with key design patterns that force software architects, developers and automation engineers to utilize a common design framework i.e. the page object design pattern. This enables best practices across the organization in terms of quality and reduces the technical risk. Reusability and extensibility promote the TDD mindset.

Integrates with continuous integration in your development lifecycle

Automated tests can be integrated into existing and new Agile software organizations. Often times organizations struggle with portability, TDD overcomes this stumbling block and helps establish a robust framework that can support long term continuous development.

Offers a robust framework

Automation framework is extremely robust which helps validate multiple types of QA including smoke, white/black box, unit, regression and system test of software.

About the Author

Shane Sweeney has over 18 yearsʼ experience in the mobile, satellite radio, smart metering, time management and healthcare industries, Shane has architected, created and managed multiple automation frameworks, including web-based, client-server, mobile and Windows applications.