Ever wonder what we do at CTE?

The pressure for organizations to produce secure, defect free software is at an all-time high. We know that software defects can seriously damage a brand’s reputation and we like to help prevent any critical defects from being released. All the clients we engage with come to us with uncertainties that new versions of their software aren’t going to work because of new development. We assess these uncertainties and develop a customized solution to mitigate the risks our clients are facing. We believe that the solution must start with a solid foundation. Our frameworks are tailored to fit the changing needs of your business with:

  • IV&V Testing
  • Audit-proof and repeatable processes
  • Automation, CI, Mobile, Manual expertise

We ensure the product is built to the required specifications and best practices are followed resulting in powerful and collaborative solutions. Our solutions utilize different technologies, customized processes/frameworks, and quality assurance experts for each client. We’re driving technological advancements within our clients’ environments. Most, if not all, businesses start with the goal to create a better brand experience and provide better service. We at CTE like to be a part of helping you achieve that goal.