Q&A with a CTE Automation Engineer

CTE provides a custom automation framework

We recently sat down with one of CTE’s Automation Engineers, Frederick Walker, to talk about CTE’s work with Edwards United Technologies, custom automation framework, and why he chose software testing as a career.

Tell me about the work you’ve been doing for Edwards United Technologies.

CTE was brought on board to provide manual and automated testing services for Edwards. CTE has managed the entire testing process.For manual testing CTE has created and maintained:

  • requirement analysis
  • test case creation
  • defect management

We used HP Quality Center to store the project requirements and manual test cases. Also, we integrated Quality Center with Ranorex so users can execute automated test cases from Quality Center. In regards to automation CTE has created a test automation framework for Edwards to leverage well into the future. The automation framework was designed to be flexible and allow for automated test case creation to address any regression testing needs.

Can you share a little bit about the presentation you did for the leadership team?

The presentation provided an opportunity for CTE to capture and present all the work we have done over the course of the project including the work completed, work in progress, and issues encountered/overcome. A portion of the presentation was dedicated to the automation framework which was designed solely for the Edwards application. The explanation of the automation framework provided a clear view of the benefits the automation framework provides as well as the low maintenance requirements. The clients Project Lead was impressed with the design of the framework and also stated that he learned about key design features CTE was able to incorporate. This framework is flexible and provides low maintenance efforts which every company can leverage.

Can you tell me about some specific software testing challenges you’ve faced in your career, and how you solved them?

One of the main challenges that we faced on a recent project would be creating automation around application objects which were implemented without test automation in mind. To address this issue CTE had to open up lines of communication and explain the challenges we were facing. Weekly meetings were created where CTE could demo to the development team the automation issues. These meetings allowed the development team to visualize the issues and helped to improve code design for future releases.

Why did you choose software testing as a career, and what motivates you to stick with it?

I was always curious as to what goes on behind the screens. Early in my college studies I figured computers/technology was the wave of the future, so my curiosity pushed me towards a career in software testing. I enjoy working with a team and working on new applications, the constant change keeps me on my toes and in the know of what’s new in the technology community.

About the Author

Frederick Walker has 9 years experience providing consulting services to an array of clients in need of Quality Assurance services. Led and managed QA teams as well as integrated with clients QA teams to achieve project goals and deliverables. Creating flexible test automation frameworks has been Frederickʼs passion and is an area in which he has excelled in over his career.

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