Black Friday and the

Increasing Importance of Mobile Testing

The holiday shopping season has begun and stats from Black Friday show that more consumers are skipping brick and mortar stores for shopping online. We’ve talked about the importance of making sure a site can handle the increase in traffic that Black Friday brings, but we also need to talk about the importance of mobile testing.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, Black Friday was the first day to ever generate over a billion dollars in online sales from mobile devices, but studies still show that desktop conversion is 2.8 times higher than smartphone conversion. Many consumers browse on mobile and move to a desktop to complete a purchase or abandon their carts altogether.



Mobile traffic already accounts for over 50% of all online traffic and it’s clear that mobile traffic is on the rise. It’s time to thoroughly test your mobile websites and native applications to ensure customers have the best possible experience to complete their purchase. A good user experience won’t only help with conversion, but it will also affect your Google search rankings.

We provide mobile testing to fit your needs as well as a custom mobile automation framework.

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