Are you prepared for Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday mobile shopping increased 33% from 2015 to 2016. Many retailers reported significant leaps in mobile shopping last year, and it was the first-time ever shopping via phones and tablets topped $1 billion in the US. As online shopping overtakes in-store shopping on Black Friday, mobile is playing an increasingly important role. Retailers must be prepared for an increase in mobile traffic. Macy’s didn’t prepare for the traffic that came to its website on Black Friday 2016, and shoppers were kept off the site at several points during the day – that means lost sales. 

All major US retailers take part in Black Friday, and many even start the bargains on Thanksgiving to give shoppers a chance to grab the best deals of the year even earlier. In 2016, $1.9 billion was spent online on Thanksgiving Day, bringing the two-day Thanksgiving and Black Friday total to over $5 billion. That makes sense for many reasons: it spreads the load on their websites and stores, and more importantly, it means the news of their deals won’t be buried amid the avalanche of Black Friday announcements. So, keep your eyes peeled – and keep visiting deals pages – from early November, and maybe even earlier than that. 

While Black Friday of years’ past may have spelled mayhem, with more people shopping online than in stores, the main thing you’ll have to worry about is whether the e-commerce site can handle the increased traffic load.  

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lipsa About the Author

Lipsa Rath has 7 yearsʼ quality assurance and software testing experience in both web-based and client-server applications in the retail and insurance domains.