The necessity for test automation continues to grow as applications become more involved in our daily activities. As new development practices open the door for frequent changes, test automation will play a major role in verifying of the systemas a whole.  New software development practices bring test automation to life leading to efficient and effective testing cycles. Major industries will evolve and require dependable well tested software to perform critical tasks. Automated testing plays a major role in the delivery of a successful product with minimal defects.

Advantages of Automated Testing are as follows:

  • Reusability – User created libraries and repeatable tests create long term value within the test environment. Scripters will have the ability to reuse products of the library to create functional test scripts.
  • Efficiency – Easy to use testing frameworks allow users of all technical levels to participate in a collaborative testing effort. Human error can be eliminated, the automated tests will re-run the same scripts numerous times providing feedback without omitting steps.
  • Productivity – Minimal resources allows testers to perform different types of testing. Tests can be ran across multiple platforms, browsers, and environments, allowing personnel to concentrate on other quality issues.
  • Predictability – Tests can be run when development team launches a new build. Testers will have the ability to quickly verify pre-existing functionality in the new software version with regression testing.

Do you have the time and resources to run the necessary tests to validate previous and new functionality? Test Automation saves time which saves money! Reducing the time required to test allows resources to be realigned to address pressing issues within the software development process. Available resources promotes an increased ability to enhance the current test coverage of the application. Automation tools have the ability to run tests faster than a human, providing feedback in shorter time cycles.

Collectively these automation advantages enable QA teams to accurately assess quality levels, make sound decisions regarding release readiness, and minimize deployment risks.Incorporating automated testing will improve the entire software development process, reduce defects, and reduce costs. No need to play the guessing game any longer with the implementation of test automation products can be released with confidence. Properly tested applications creates a positive rapport, decrease maintenance costs, and improve revenue.

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