Are you Underutilizing Automation?


According to the September release of the World Quality Report, which surveyed over 1,500 CIO’s and senior technology professionals, only 15% of test activities are automated. 60% of those surveyed said that automation improves their ability to detect defects. Is improving the overall quality of your software and processes your goal for 2018?  Are you focusing your IT strategy on end-user satisfaction?  How mature is your organization in adopting software testing best practices? Are you ready for test automation?

One of the ways to elevate software testing in your company and to stay up with industry standards is to integrate automation into the DevOps process. It takes time and expertise to automate well. You will need a solid framework/roadmap in place and a team with experience implementing automation.

Test Automation is one of 3 key areas that today’s software testing function needs to focus on.  Automation is not just for automating the test activities anymore.  Companies can now automate API validation and service integration.  Automation (done well) is under-utilized according to the World Quality Report survey results.  Are you under-utilizing automation?

With the rise of DevOps, we are moving towards a more collaborative working environment where communication and knowledge of technology is the key to finding the root cause of issues rather than the symptoms. Automation is required to make this happen.

Celtic Testing Experts has the experience and expertise to put your automation framework in place.  We are tool agnostic and can work with any platform.  However, we are pleased to share that we have the most Ranorex certified Automation engineers in the United States.  Contact us if you would like to discuss your desire to get to the automation promised land.

Read the full World Quality Report here.