9 Characteristics of Integrated Software Quality Engineering – Part 3


In this three-part series we will cover 9 essential characteristics of Integrated Quality Software Engineering. If you missed parts one and two you can find them here and here.

Characteristics 7-9

#7 Repeatable

Repeatability is a key enabler for improving business efficiency. It is widely employed for IT systems and software development, and there is a huge desire to employ repeatable techniques for processes.

#8 Managed

A good process must be managed and improved. We can’t just design a process and leave it to its own devices. A process must have an owner who is responsible for directing its design, ensuring it aligns with requirements and business strategy.

#9 Measured

A good process must be measurable and then actually measured. You might think that any process can be measured, but in practice few processes have credible measures identified. Even fewer processes have IT systems in place to make those measures.

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Guru Shetty has 8 yearsʼ experience with automation and manual testing for web-based applications, client/server applications and web services. Industry knowledge in compliance, medical, health insurance, restaurant, finance, and banking.

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