9 Characteristics of Integrated Software Quality Engineering – Part 1

A process is a set of defined tasks needed to complete a given business activity, including who is responsible for completing each step, when, and how they do so. Not all processes are important but the ones that have the following characteristics are:
  • Executed often or used repetitively
  • Directly determine your costs or your customer satisfaction
  • Underlie your business growth
  • Deliver something of value to someone outside of the process
  • Create value for the organization operating the process
  • Align with corporate values and strategy

In this three-part series we will cover 9 essential characteristics of Integrated Quality Software Engineering (IQSE).

Characteristics 1-3

#1 Effective

In satisfying the customer, the process must meet their needs and expectations. It must clearly deliver value to the customers.

#2 Efficient

The process must be devoid of waste, unnecessary steps, multiple hand-overs and other wasteful characteristics.

#3 Relevant

It is important that the main activities are consistent, repeatable, and of a high quality. We want our customers to have a good experience and essentially the same experience each time.

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Guru Shetty has 8 yearsʼ experience with automation and manual testing for web-based applications, client/server applications and web services. Industry knowledge in compliance, medical, health insurance, restaurant, finance, and banking.

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