CTE’s toolbox includes ForesightTM – the industry’s only web and mobile-based reporting instrument that provides clients with real-time testing metrics across more than 50 key performance indicators.


  • KPI measurement to ensure critical projects are on track
  • Unfiltered overviews of testing status across your enterprise
  • Serves as an audit tool to manage deliverables
  • Forecasts project completion dates using historical data
  • Shows ROI for onshore verses offshore resources
  • Provides Real Facts in Real Time
  • Easy to use


  • Encourages HP Quality Center best practices
  • Increases productivity and improves processes
  • Better resource utilization by shortening test cycles
  • Allows users to weigh the risk of going live
  • Allows users to be proactive

Why was Foresight created?

Foresight QuoteCTE’s team has a combined 56 years of experience in the IT industry, from programmer, tester to C-level positions. Throughout our years in the IT industry, we noticed a common theme – all companies (big and small) struggle with metrics tracking on testing projects. Typically, the reporting process requires a team member to spend the majority of his/her time gathering, interpreting and presenting testing data. This resource-dependent process increases risk of errors and is time consuming. By the time reporting dashboards have channeled up to the C-level, it’s usually a few days old.

CTE’s leadership created Foresight to bridge-the-gap between the project planning and testing worlds – providing Real Facts in Real Time. As a result, Foresight’s analytics are meaningful and actionable, which allows a company to maximize the efficiencies of its people, processes and tools.